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Art works and projects

Life for rent (2023)

Od ponad roku jestem daleko od domu. Poza moją ojczyzną, część której jest teraz zniszczona lub okupowana przez wojnę. Ale brak akceptacji nowego miejsca przebywania jest niebezpieczny dla psychiki i normalnego funkcjonowania. Czas i umiejętność przystosowania się do nowych warunków pokażą, czy i w jakim stopniu nowe życie będzie tymczasowe. W końcu powrót także będzie wymagał nowej rekonfiguracji wartości, relacji, planów...

Ten projekt jest wizualizacją krajobrazów, przestrzeni i miejsc, w których mieszkałam i podróżowałam w ostatnich latach przed wojną na Ukrainie i podczas mojego ostatniego roku w Polsce.

This project flew that photos taken as part of a project about family travels  and is a combination of past and present life.

Made In (2015)

I:O - Art Residence
Helikon Art Center, Bahcecik, Turkey
Project "Made in"


 The things around us are produced and came to us from different countries all over the world. Some countries, this things came from, we never even visit.


 Do we feel connection to the place of their origin by wearing and surrounding ourselves with these things? 


 Residents of different countries - France, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey - took part in the project. Their portraits are printed on special sewn white T-shirts. The tags for each T-shirt indicate the country of origin of the items surrounding the model or his clothes

Single Story (2020)

In our society, the fact of divorce usually receives a negative assessment. Sometimes this event is hidden, not publicized at all. There are many personal traumas, financial and psychological problems associated with divorce; if adults cannot cope on their own level, the problems are passed on to children.
In post-Soviet society, women are most often seen as victims. Abandoned woman are a common phenomenon, when man disappears from the life of his beloved, is not interested in the condition of children, can make demands, blackmail. If the couple has children, it is more common for men to initiate the situation. It is more difficult for a woman to make a decision to leave such a couple on her own.

But the paradox is that very often after a divorce, many women become more successful, happy, and self-sufficient

Family Album. Looking Behind The Photographs (2017)

What`s back side of your photographs tell you?
Do they change meaning og the front side?

This Side Of Koktebel (2013)

In 2013, Sergey Kazmiruk and I took part in the IO-Koktebel Residence. 


The subject of our research was the residents of a seaside town on the southern peninsula of Ukraine. Those, for whom the sea is not associated with rest, but is a daily environment. What do they live by, who have thoughts, history. What nationalities get along next to each other. 


We tried to look into the fate of people connected with these lands. What kind of childhood, youth, what kind of dreams they had. Do they associate themselves with the sea? How often do they go its shore.


 But even then, I was struck by the fact that local residents used the word Russian when talking about the government, language, and nation. The project is written in the language of the residents with an English translation.In 2014, Crimea came under Russian rule. I understand why it happened without blood and why Crimea just passed so easily.


 Rereading the words of the heroes of the project today, I now understand how much Koktebel, Crimea was not Ukrainian even then.