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Ux-Ui Projects

Here you can find my projects and sketches, created during study at the GO-IT courses.

While it realizations I work by my own and also with the teem. 

We researched competing sites, built design process, personas, user flow, made prototypes, developed design, including ui-kit, design system, constructed adaptive design.

I took part in all processes, main part of visual design.

More works: Behance



Landing-Page of Candy Store

Black and pink - like the Yin-Yang of the modern world of perception.
Pink Yin embodies compassion, love.

Black Yang symbolizes strength, action, encouraging us to face challenges with courage.

Recognizing this duality allows us to find balance and harmony in our actions and relationships.

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HealthyDish. Mobile App

A mobile app for booking tables in cafés and restaurants.

It will help you find an interesting place that serves delicious dishes tailored to your culinary or dietary preferences.

In addition, HealthyDish allows you to choose a table in this place and book it for the desired day and time.

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Screenshot 2023-10-07 184219.png
Homesharing: web-serwise.png



We had to create a web service that will help organize a budget stay in another country.
Our idea is to develop a web service interface for "change of scenery" - work and rest in a new place. At the same time, the traveller has three options for accommodation:

1) for free

2) for a service/work

3) for money

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Redesign of the children's center website

The current design of the page did not meet modern requirements.
As a result of the analysis of the sites of similar institutions, was remake of the structure to a more clear and logical one, also the amount of text and duplication of information was reduced.

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Redesign of the children's center website
Landing-page for women's Meetup


Landing-page for women's Meetup

Landing-page for women's Meetup dedicated to integration in the field of Web design. The main message is a safe, friendly space to explore the possibilities of a new profession, to meet and consult in small groups.

See the whole project


Redesign of the landing-page

Develop a new design for the kindergarten page whith maintaining the structure, and suggest your improvements

Redesign of the landing-page
User page (mobile version)


User page (mobile version)

Create a user page (mobile version) for the online learning resource. There should be on the page user photo, information about him (name, phone, e-mail rating in the group, if necessary - minimum statistics, for example, the number of viewed videos, etc.), information about the course (name of the course, name of the teacher, progress bar, button-CTA with transition to training), message preview.


UI of the application screens

Make the UI of the application screens for registering for events in the field of IT under IOS for such Wireframes Materials. Also, you can suggest improvements to the UX of these screens. If you have hypotheses, describe them on a separate frame. make the UI two screens, add: image; real text; buttons; use colors (no more than two main ones); icons; signatures

UI of the application screens
Landing-page for Meetup


Landing-page for Meetup

The design was created taking into account the wishes of the brief - "the site should not be visually overloaded. It is desirable that the site be visually minimalistic, modern and dynamic." Since the target audience of the site is women, students, and professional designers, several different colors have been chosen, all of them light, pastel. Speakers often provide photos of different quality, I suggest combining them with a common style


Interface for the administrator

Develop an interface in a dark theme for the administrator to manage the rights of enterprise users for various products (projects) of the enterprise.

The interface is designed to create/delete/assign/change/user rights.

What to do: User table page The table includes the following information • Name of the user • User login • Number of projects in which he is involved Page functionality: • Assignment of rights (role/roles in a certain project, with the possibility to limit the validity period of this role), both for one user and for several users from this list

Interface for the administrator
Preloader with rentrance form for the Book Portal


Preloader with rentrance form for the Book Portal

Work was made with using Artificial intelligence (AI) for generating images in background.

Animation was made using ProtoPie

Link to animation>>>


Stock-market. App

Design for application of the stock-market 

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